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Whatsapp Status 2017 | Love, Cool & Funny

Whatsapp Status

Hello Guys Today I'm going to share latest and fresh new statuses on my blog. So, Find your favorite status of Whatsapp. You can copy new and fantastic Whatsapp Quotes. I will publish millions of statuses for you. So, Guys stay tuned WhatsappStatus99 and get daily updates about Love Status, Sad Status, Attitude Status, Funny Status, and more. So, I'm going to publish the greatest Status for Whatsapp. These cool statuses are written by me and also my great friends.
So, Check it out the awesome WhatsAppStatus. I'm sure you will like so much these statuses. If you like these statuses than Comment and Share with your friends on Whatsapp, Hike And Facebook. And Guys you can able to copying there 2,3,4 lines status for your Whatsapp Status for impress your girlfriend or boyfrined and also your family. So, Let me write 2 line, 3 line and 4 line whats app status. Also find Love Status And Happy Valentine Day Status.
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Best Whatsapp Status 2017

Here I'm Going To Write Best Whatsapp Status for You. You can copying and direct sharing with your friends and family.
No Status.
Ohh God.
Read Your Status Not Mine.
No Way.
Sky Way, Ya My Way.
LoL M LoL.
My Rules My Lyf.
Stay Normal Not Smart, Coz Smart Toh Samsung Ka Mobile B Hai.
24 * 7 Online :)
Always Respects My Whatsapp Status.
My Attitude is Depend ON U.
Don't Copy My Statuses & DP.
Your DP is Nice But Mine is Superb.
My Style is Best, So Please Don't Copy.
You Never Ever Fail Until U Stop Trying.
90% Boys Have Girlfriiend, Other 10% Have #Brain.
Celebrate Your Every Second.
Don't Worry About My Attitute, It Depend On Your Behaviour.
My #Love Gone !
My Heart Is Always "ONLINE", So Chat Wid My Heart Anytime !
Your #Attitude IS Everthing.
In Lyf I Need Only U!
All Promises Are Made To,,, Be Break It.
Promise Me You'll Not Steal My Whatsapp DP !
Don't Show Off Your Stupid Attitudes. 

Whatsapp Cool Status 2017

Here I am going to share Cool Status for your Whats app Status Box. I'm sure that you will love these statuses. If you like this status than share more.

I'm Hacker Of Your Tears, Please Give Me Password Of Your Smile.
I Want Borrow Your KISS, Promise I Will Give You Back !
I Want #Boyfriend Like Mr. Google, He Will #Understand My Words Better.
The Time Go Faster Waste It Careful.
She Is Very #Poor Coz She Have Only Dollars...
U Can't Hurt Me Again !
I'll Don't Need Special #Hair Stylist, Coz Pillow Gives Me A Great Hair Style Every Morning.
Time Go Faster, So Wake Up And Do Something Fantastic.
No Need Caption For My Dp.
If You Steal My Whatsapp Status, I'll Kill You !
If You Use Hike Than You Don't Need To Set Status.
Whatsapp Is My Life Partner, Coz Whatsapp Connect Me With My Lovely Friends.
Steal My Status And Become #StatuStealer.
When I Was Born, Gabber Said " Ohh Noo !!" Competition.
I Will Kick You So Hard Even #Google Wan'tt Able To Search You !
Dear Nature, There Is A Error In Your System.. It's Called #Monday, Please Solve It.
In "Attitude" All Depends On The Six 6th Letter !
Chat With Friends Don't Need Status !
Chat With Grilfriend Don't Need Status !
If You Steal My DP, I'll Kick You.
The Great Dreams #Happen When Your Eyes Are Open...
Every Probs Comes With 1 Solution, But Gf's Don't Have.
Smile Please ! Le Le Ele Selfie With Me.
Do Something And Get Something More.
Save Water And Dring Royal Stag !
Behind Every Failed Man Is A Girl. Right ?
You Think " You Use Whatsapp & Facebook. Right ? But No They Are Using You "
Dear Math Please Solve Your Problems Yourself !
#Mistakes Are #Proof of Trying##.
Life Is Too #Short, So Don't Waste It With Stupid Things Like Girls...
Sometimes We All Need Loveship, LoL I Was Just Kidding.. We Need Only Money !
I've No Time To #Hate Girls !
I Do Not Need To Proove MySelf, Coz I Know BoSS Is Always Righ !
Smartphones Are Better Than GirlFriends, At Least We Can #Switch It #Off.
I don't care about World...
Never depend too much with others,,,
Love Your-Self,,, 
We all LOVE, Whatsapp,,,
No Need To Set Status on Whatsapp.
I'm unique...
Never Postpone UR JoY...
Never Hurt UR MoM,,,
If you don't like me,,, Get F^^ck,,,
Never underestimate URSelf,,,
Keep calm N Help Others...

Whatsapp Status Love 2017

Here I am going to publish Love Status for Facebook Status Love Quotes with new fashion and generation. So, Copy statuses and share it. 
I Want To Live Every Day With You, Becuase I Love You !
Love Is Love, So Please Love Me.
There Is No Measure Unit For The LOVE !
Your's Story #Beautiful But 0urs is My Most #Favourite.
There Is Only 1One #Thing 2Two D0 3Three #Words 4 U... "I LOVE YOU".
I Miss Our Love Conversation.
I Will Miss Our Cute Chat Session.
You Don't Love Me. Fine But "I'm Always LOVE U"... Stupid !
Love Is Killer Poison, So, Don't Drink !
You Are My Close 1.
LOVE is Dance Floor.
LOVE Is #Life, But It 2 Side.
Love Me A Minute, I Will Love You 4Eve.
I Fell In Love Wid U, I Do Not Know Why & How. "I #Just DiD".
#LOVE is Like Water, We Can't Taste It.
In Life I Need 1 Great Lover.
When I See You, I Feel Love !
Love Me Love Me Love Me Your MaMa Say Love Me !
Relationship Depend ON Your Love.
LOVE is Best Choice For LIVE Life.
Only Your Are The Reason Behind My $mile.
Nothing is Perfect, But Your Are With Me "Everything is Perfect".
Some1 Asked Me.."How's UR Life" I Just $miled N Replied, She is Very Fine !
Missing Someone is The Great Quality of Loveship.
Mein Dil Me Ata Hun, Samaj Mein Nahi... Keep Me in Your Heart.
Khamoshiyan Teri Meri Khamoshiyan.
Batein Ye Kabi Na Bhul Na Koi Tere Khatir Hai Jee Raha.
MeRe दिल की दिवार पर DP हो TeRi,और तेरे हाथों में हो तकदीर MeRi.
आ जाते हैं वो भी RoJ ख्बाबो मे,,जो कहते हैं Hum तो कही Jate ही NaHi.
Jaan लेने पे तुले हे DoNo मेरी, Pyaar हार नही मानता..DiL बात NaHi मानता.!
I Need You Closer To Me.
I Need You When I Feel Alone.
I'll Kiss You, You Back It If You Want.
Don't love too much...
Don't expect from anybody.
We all die one day, So keep calm.
We  all have great lover,,, MoM,,,
Mom is my first love.
Loveship is a flop plan for future.
99 % lover lost their brain,, Right?
Love want Money,, Right?

Funny Whatsapp Status 2017

You can find funny Whatsapp & Facebook Status from below list. So, Share and Set These statuses. I'm sure you'll like these statuses. If you face copying problem then drop comment below.
I'm Not Lazy Man, I Just Energy Save.
Not Say....Hmmmmm... Bafalo Ha Ha Ha.
Don't Show UR Attitudes, Otherwise Kick U. Google Wan't Able Search U.
Don't Ask Me About Me... Ha Ha
There is Some Error For Reading UR Status.
If You Don't Like My Attitude. Just Report Me At WhoCares.CoM
BachpaN 'Handwriting' सुधारने में GuzaR गया OR Jindagi 'Keyboard' पर बीत RaHi है।
DuniYa Ki सारी खुशियाँ 1 तरफ,,, और Mobile की 100% #BatterY की ख़ुशी 1 तरफ,,,
Life is Too Short - Don't Waste For Typing "Hmmmmm".
You Can Never Purchase LOV,,, But Still YU've To PaY For It.
Attitude is Like a UR underwear,,, So Do Not Show It Off.
I Need Only Goood Wifi N Wifi.
Three Mistakes Done By Every1,, GF, Whatsapp, Facebook,,,
Some Bugs In My Heart.
Love Is Virus, Please Scan It.
So, These are top best collection of Best Whatsapp Status, Love Status, Funny, and Cool. So, Copying these great statuses and set on your Whatsapp or Facebook. I'm sure you will like soo much these type statuses and you will loved it. So, Share the great whatsapp & facebook status with your friends and family. If you have face copying problem then please comment below or contact us directly. Enjoy the great 2, 3, ,4 line love, funny and cool status for whatsapp.

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